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Evil has many faces - but usually not an abysmally evil one. This realization also drives Czech police officer Jiří Markovič, who has learned to accept the darkness as part of human life and pursues his investigative profession with great passion despite the horror he is confronted with. He has been responsible for some of the most significant arrests in his career, but is most associated with the case of Ladislav Hojer, considered one of the most horrific serial killers in Czech history. His persecution in Prague in the early 1980s is the focus of this impressively equipped Czech series production, which does not need to shy away from comparison with prestigious Western projects such as "Mindhunters".

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2,55 €


Cinenova Köln-Ehrenfeld Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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