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Verdrehte Ansichten - Manfred Barnickel

In the organizer's words:

The Bavarian artist Manfred Barnickel sees the world from above. Looking at things from a higher vantage point widens the field of vision, opens up new views and the world suddenly becomes a plaything for free, childlike thinking that frees itself from the confines of everyday life. There is a simplicity, lightness and clarity in this way of thinking that is no longer seen in a society that is becoming ever more technically perfect and sophisticated. The variety of Manfred Barnickel's small building blocks reflect a very personal view of the world, enriched with anecdotal details and observations. "Twisted Views" playfully takes aim at our perception and sharpens it.

Vita of the artist
Manfred Barnickel (*1962 Augsburg) has been working as a freelance artist and gallery owner since 1997.
In a playful creative urge, he transforms his changing life worlds into an artistic-communicative overall object, he always lives and "sticks" in search of the "umami" essence of life, of the highest, the deepest and that which holds everything together - the spirit ...

We cordially invite all interested parties to the opening on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 6 pm.

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Schaezlerpalais Maximilianstraße 46 86150 Augsburg

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