PHOTO: © Bracha L. Ettinger, Foto: Ella Barak

Vortrag: Bracha L. Ettinger über Hilma af Klint

In the organizer's words:

Angel of Carriance - Fragments (A): The Soul-Mind, the Spirit of the Cosmos and the Feminine Corpo-Real Transjectivity

Bracha L. Ettinger (born 1948) is an artist and psychoanalyst. Her works can be found in numerous museum collections (including the Center Pompidou, Castello di Rivoli, Israel Museum). In her theoretical writings, Bracha L. Ettinger shows ways out of subject-object dualism and focuses on human co-existence and mutual influence. In her lecture, she will present her artistic-philosophical research on the work of Hilma af Klint, to whom she already dedicated a major essay in 2005. Based on her theory of the matrixial (in which imprinting, porosity and motherhood resonate), the artist will critique critical theory (Adorno, Benjamin, Brecht) as well as Martin Heidegger. The classical opposition of empathy in figurative art versus abstraction is replaced by self-fragilization and affects such as compassion and amazement as the foundations of trans-subjective experiences.

After not showing her works in Germany since 1987, K21 is presenting a solo exhibition of Bracha L. Ettinger's latest paintings and notebooks in spring 2025. Her art invites us to overcome political polarizations in favour of the openness of aesthetic experience and the healing of personal and historical traumas.

The lecture will be held in English in the K20 auditorium.

* Fürtragen' is a German translation of Ettinger's English term 'Carriance', which describes a gesture of simultaneous caring and carrying

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K20 Grabbeplatz / Kunstsammlung NRW Grabbeplatz 5 40213 Düsseldorf

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