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21.04 Zwiesel Runde - 10,5 km I 650 HM I 3,5 H - rather easy

I'm Alex, a tour guide from Munich, a passionate hiker and a qualified hiking guide with the Alpine Club. With my guided hikes I want to appeal to anyone who wants to spend a great day in the mountains. Every Sunday there is a different route with varying degrees of difficulty. You can find a detailed tour overview and pictures/info on my website or on Instagram. Contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Everyone is welcome on my hiking tour, whether beginner or mountain goat. Join me and a friendly group in the mountains for a wonderful day of hiking in the most beautiful natural surroundings. Of course, the fun should not be neglected. My main goal is not to reach the summit as quickly as possible, but to enjoy the whole experience of a day trip in the mountains. This includes a proper stop at a mountain hut, getting to know friendly people and, of course, lots of fun. And there's nothing wrong with a spontaneous get-together after the hike, whether over a cold beer or a spontaneous dip in the mountain lake 😊

Please contact me directly after booking. The best way to do this is by sending a message to 0172 9308151, as I will send you all the exact information on your cell phone the day before the hike.


We always meet at 08:10 at Munich Central Station on platforms 27-36 and then take the train to the mountains together. I recommend the Deutschlandticket, which allows a free transfer. Alternatively, you can share a Bayernticket. The train journey takes around an hour. Once we arrive in the mountains, we can start our hike straight away. I always adapt the pace to the respective group. The same goes for the duration and frequency of the breaks. But one thing is clear: we want to have fun, not break any records. And so far, everyone has managed well. We will have two longer breaks. Once at the summit to enjoy the unique view and at lunchtime for a hearty stop at a mountain hut. Whether you take a snack with you or enjoy the Bavarian mountain cuisine in the mountains is up to you. Depending on the length of the tour, we usually finish the hike in the afternoon and end up back near the station. As many tours end at Lake Tegernsee, for example, we can also end the day together at the lake with a beer. Again, I don't want to force anyone to do this. The Deutschlandticket/Bayernticket offers maximum flexibility for the return journey. But I will say this much, we always had a great time, even after the hike, and one or two new friendships were formed😊

PS Please contact me directly after booking. The best way to do this is to send a message to 0172 9308151, as I will send you all the exact information on your cell phone the day before the hike.

Meeting point

We meet at 8.10 a.m. right on time at tracks 27-36. This is the right wing station in front, not the tracks in the main hall. It is best to go directly to tracks 27-36. There is a second small Yorma's there. We will meet there. Please be on time. Please get in touch if you have any questions! Otherwise, I'll see you punctually at Munich Central Station.

In future, I will always briefly describe the next three tours in terms of character, length, altitude and pure walking time. As mentioned, you can find more detailed information and the whole program on my website. And feel free to drop by on Instagram. There you will also find a video with excerpts from last year.

Next tours:

21.04 Zwiesel Round - 10.5 km I 650 HM I 3.5 H - rather easy

Munich's nearest mountains are always worth a visit. Our tour takes us to the Blomberg and the Zwieselberg. At lunchtime, we'll stop off at the Blomberghaus and after the hike we'll go for a drink in a cool atmosphere. Let us surprise you!

28.04 Prinzenweg - 14 km I 650 HM I 4,5 H - rather medium difficulty

From Schliersee to Tegernsee.

The Prinzenweg is an absolute classic and one of my favorite hikes. Here you can experience everything a hiker's heart desires. Two unique mountain lakes, a beautiful summit, a stop at a hut with panoramic views and a varied hike over hill and dale, not too short, not too difficult. I love the Prinzenweg!

05.05 - Lenggries - Tegernsee (incl. boat trip) - 17 km I 1,000 m elevation gain I 5.5 h - rather difficult

Via the Fockenstein and the Aueralm to Tegernsee

I love crossing the mountains without going back. This varied route from Lenggries to Tegernsee is no exception. You can expect beautiful paths, the panoramic summit of the Fockenstein (1,564 m), the traditional Aueralm (1266 m) and a final boat trip on the Tegernsee. Join me on this unique day trip into the beautiful Bavarian countryside.

General information about all tours

The participation fee is 29 € per person. Train ticket and meals are not included. The return journey to Munich does not have to be with the group. Participants confirm that they are responsible for their own actions during the tour and that they waive any claim for damages against Munich Stories. Munich Stories rejects all claims for damages and accepts no liability for damage to participants, third parties and equipment that occurs during the tours. Furthermore, Munich Stories accepts no responsibility for luggage, valuables or other items that are lost or stolen during the tour.

Looking forward to seeing you :)

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Hauptbahnhof München Gl. 27-36 München

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