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Wenn Wolken wachsen

In the organizer's words:

When Clouds Grow - by Emel Aydoğdu - from 2 years - premiere on September 18, 2022 - Münsterstraße 446, Studio
Cloud Flutter and Cloud Fluffy look down at the earth. The meadow looks like a bed from above. They sink down and become mist to touch the meadow and smell the ripe fruit of the apple tree.
The author and director Emel Aydoğdu writes her first theater text for very young people at the Junges Schauspiel. In it, she links experiences from encounters with young daycare children with memories of her own early childhood. "My grandma had a garden. Poppies, pomegranates, figs and apples grew in the garden. Once clouds hovered over us. It was raining, and we were happy. Growing is also a kind of happiness: we humans are very closely interwoven with nature, and in my grandmother's garden, fruit and grass wouldn't have flourished if she hadn't taken care of it."
Together with choreographer Emmanuel Edoror, Aydoğdu develops a musical-dance play from the morning with the blossoming poppy to the evening when the clouds rise back up to the sky and become stars.
Sensory perceptions and what can be explained from them are the gateway to the world. Especially in the early years, we humans depend on experiencing life aesthetically. A good reason to offer theater for the very young. "When Clouds Grow" is a declaration of love for life and, for Emel Aydoğdu, also a personal matter: "People do say that theater is a reflection of society. But it doesn't reflect the diversity of our society. That's another reason why I definitely want to continue working in this field."

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Junges Schauspiel — D’haus Münsterstraße 446 40470 Düsseldorf

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