PHOTO: © Albrecht Dürer, Rhinocerus (Das Rhinozeros), 1515, Kunsthalle Bremen – Der Kunstverein in Bremen

WILD! Kinder - Träume - Tiere - Kunst

In the organizer's words:

Wild! Children - Dreams - Animals - Art

"Not so wild!" Everyone has probably heard that before, right? Actually, being wild is part of life. Because life is wild. In nature anyway. And almost everyone is born with a loud, wild cry. Even at night in dreams, things are often wild. And this large family exhibition proves that even the world of art is wild.

Wildness lies dormant in all of us. As newborns, we express it without restraint. With every social skill we learn, however, the wildness within us is covered up bit by bit. Nevertheless, wildness accompanies us throughout our lives - in social interaction, in our innermost being, in the nature that surrounds us and, of course, in the visual arts.

The "Wild!" exhibition reflects these four aspects in historical and contemporary works by Albrecht Dürer, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Berthe Morisot, Diana Thater, Raymond Pettibon, Asta Gröting and many more. In a spectacular and child- and family-friendly presentation, the more than 120 paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics and video installations reveal a variety of connections between wild art and the current realities of life for young, old and former children. In addition, various hands-on activities, search games, tactile objects and adventure spaces as well as an open studio in the exhibition area, family days and numerous workshops encourage visitors to explore the themes of the "Wild!" exhibition in greater depth.

Children's groups and the New Perceptions youth curatorship were involved in the selection of the exhibits, the design of the exhibition and the communication.

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Kunsthalle Bremen Am Wall 207 28195 Bremen