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Theater Performance Theater
In the organizer's words:
Thermoboy FK undertake a winter journey through the snowy possibilities of their male-conditioned bodies. In search of hidden feelings and memories, they roam landscapes of self-dotted carpets, get lost in forests of shame and the swamp of sovereignty, before reaching the frozen river of muted emotions, through the dark valley of concealed fears, to the summit of unfulfilled sexual longings. Four performers face the power and vulnerability of their own voices and sing self-composed variations of the melancholic original song.

On their way to forgotten longings and dreams, in search of the peaks and valleys of their sensations, they ask themselves: what can Thermoboy FK learn from the sensitive men of the 19th century without wantonly or blindly imposing their feelings on their environment - i.e. not monologizing, but openly and in the desire for dialogue? How can they use song to deconstruct patriarchal images of men? What small images, what landscapes, memories and moods do they encounter on their wanderings? Last but not least, singing itself becomes a performative exploration of one's own body, the power and vulnerability of the voice - and a fragile self-expression before the eyes of the audience. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 25.00€ Solidary price system


TD BERLIN Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin

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