Wissen unplugged - PROTEST POWER • Event + Podcast

In the organizer's words:

"Protest power - What makes protests successful? And when does resistance work?"

From the decommissioning of nuclear power in Germany to voting rights for black citizens in the USA and marriage for all in 37 countries - behind all of these major turning points were people who loudly said "no" to the status quo. They joined forces, raised their voices and showed that change is possible. Protesting is therefore not just a right, but an important means of social renewal. But how do you ignite the spark of change?

This time on Wissen unplugged , we take a deep dive into the world of protests. What really moves them? What makes iconic figures or heroes like Mahsa Amini and Malala Yousafzai? How do organizers build long-term resistance structures to firmly anchor their activism in legal, social and cultural change processes? Which forms of protest are most effective? How does civil disobedience work?

Together with researchers, we look at the secrets of successful protest and resistance movements in history and take a look at the present: for weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting in Germany against right-wing extremism and the AfD. Will these protests be successful or should more be done? And because theory is only half as exciting without practice, we will of course also be talking to committed activists to learn from their experiences. Join us as we explore how loud calls can turn into real change.

The evening will be moderated by Amna Franzke, Head of the Young Offerings department at ZEIT Online, and Rahel Klein, presenter at Deutschlandfunk Nova.

Afterwards, we invite you to join us for free drinks and snacks to talk to the speakers and other participants and ask your questions.

Admission is free, but registration is required due to limited places.

Start of the event: 18:00, admission: 17:30

Date: April 23, 2024, 6:00 p.m.

Location: The Lecture Hall Ruins, next to the Berlin Museum of Medical History,

Virchowweg 14, 10117 Berlin

We look forward to an exciting knowledge unplugged and the exchange with you!

Tickets: Knowledgeunplugged: PROTEST-POWER - Event + Podcast Tickets, Tue, 23.04.2024 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

About Wissen unplugged

Wissen unplugged is a series of events organized by the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS, the Leibniz Association, ZEIT Campus and Deutschlandfunk Nova. The series brings together rising stars and well-known personalities from science and society to engage with the audience. Together, we want to tackle the greatest challenges of our time.

The recording of the event will be broadcast later in the podcast "Hörsaal" by DLF Nova: Hörsaal - Dlf Nova (deutschlandfunknova.de)

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Alte Hörsaalruine der Charité Charitéplatz 1 10117 Berlin

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