BOHEI – Das Festival 2023
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BOHEI – Das Festival 2023

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In the festival's words:

A theater full of young theater actors. Four days full of performances on the stages of the COMEDIA Theater and in public space. Workshops, exchange, conversations about the own and experienced artistic work: The BOHEI-Festival goes into the 4th round! Now more than ever!

Since the beginning of the season, our eight theater collectives with players aged 7 to 24 have been immersed in this motto:

Quite Individually in the Collective.

About SELF Love
Inside and outside.
Playfully deadly serious
in order to survive
Desperate Hopeful
Euphoric Tired
Future in the here and now!

On the Whitsun weekend from 26.05. to 29.05.2023 they will show their productions and share their thoughts and attitudes about them with the audience. In the subsequent audience discussion, there will be the opportunity to learn more about the participatory work of the groups and to exchange ideas with the players.

In addition, all children, families, teenagers and young adults are invited to visit a small creative market in the courtyard of the COMEDIA Theater on Pentecost Sunday (May 28). To the accompaniment of music, everyone can get creative and do handicrafts, painting and design at stalls.

The collective participants will not only come together at the creative market, in discussions or at the festival party. On the last day of the festival they all take part in workshops of different art genres. Whether urban dance, djing, acrobatics, poetry slam, baking, photography, vocal improvisation - here they can take away new impulses for their further artistic work.

As a house for young audiences, we not only make art for young people, but also with them. And we want to involve them in the design of the house. Thus, many ideas from Imp:act have been incorporated into the design of the festival. For example, the young people themselves will design a joint (game) evening for the other collective participants.

We are very much looking forward to this year's BOHEI festival. To a full house full of young people! Full of young art! We are all the more pleased that we were able to win Anette Frier, a long-time confidant and friend of the Comedia Theater, as patron of the Bohei Festival.

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