Ausbüttels: Adler Apotheke, Schwanen Apotheke und Apotheke am Hansaplatz

Ausbüttels: Adler Apotheke, Schwanen Apotheke und Apotheke am Hansaplatz

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In the location's words:

Modern pharmacies with a traditional touch

More than 50 years ago, the foundation stone for the family business "Ausbüttels" was laid - with the first pharmacy in Scharnhorst (today Apotheke in der Droote). A second branch followed a short time later in the same district (today Apotheke im eks). In addition to these two, the family operates three more in downtown Dortmund: the Adler Apothe ke am Alten Markt, the Schwanen Apothe ke am Westenhellweg and the Apotheke am Hansaplatz.

The Adler Apotheke am Alten Markt under the management of Ulrich Ausbüttel is something like the control center. In the branch, tradition and modernity play nicely together. It is bright and open, but has a historical feel that visitors can sense when they look at the old medicine cabinet and other objects from bygone days.

The individual branches are similar in terms of layout. We were allowed to take a look behind the scenes at the Adler pharmacy - it was a bit like watching an episode of "Die Sendung mit der Maus" with the title "How does a pharmacy work". The insights were really exciting:

The round character of the consulting and sales room of the branch here at the Old Market can also be found in other areas. For example, the room for the employees and the basement, where the storage room and a laboratory are located, among other things, are designed very similarly.

Medicines, ointments and other remedies are mixed there - sometimes in larger quantities, since the pharmacy is located in a medical center and certain remedies are needed every day by patients and doctors. The experts also produce their own disinfectant here. And a state-of-the-art robot fetches the medicines from the warehouse and brings them to the right place.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and familiar - among the employees as well as between employees and customers. That's why Adler Apotheke is definitely one of our absolute favorite pharmacies. We go there with small aches and pains - even before we go to the family doctor.

Did you know that the Schwanen Apotheke is the second oldest pharmacy in Dortmund? It's been around since 1675 - first at the Alter Markt, now on Westenhellweg - and we're completely thrilled with it, too. In true Ausbüttels style, tradition meets modernity in the branch: 100-year-old pharmacy furnishings made of dark wood combined with ultra-modern touchscreens for comprehensive customer advice.

And that's what makes it here: The super-nice service. Above all, branch manager and pharmacist Susanne Diedrich. Together with her team, she provides customers with comprehensive advice.

Why did we feel right at home here? You don't get talked into anything you don't need. You are looked at individually and the right thing is found for you. You can try out products, take samples, and in the end you can make your choice at your leisure and go home satisfied. No online pharmacy can do that.

Young families are also in good hands here. A specially produced baby primer is part of a welcome package for new families and contains valuable tips for the first year with a baby. Great!

The pharmacy at Hansaplatz is also well prepared to answer the questions of parents with a new baby. In addition, an in-house beautician can provide very specific advice on skin and hair. In general, the branch under the management of Anna Lena Grunendahl aims to be a place of tranquility in the lively city center. The ambience is modern, but at the same time down-to-earth - and the team welcomes customers with a lot of heart.

So if you want to be well received and receive individual advice, you're in good hands at one of the modern yet tradition-conscious Ausbüttels pharmacies!


Special service of the Ausbüttels: Ordering via WhatsApp, delivery service by bicycle and favorable Ausbüttels prices.

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