PHOTO: © Ausstellungsansicht „Jana Kerima Stolzer & Lex Rütten – We grow, grow, grow, we gonna be alright and this is our show“, im HMKV im Dortmunder U. Foto: Jannis Wiebusch.


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Since its foundation in 1996, the HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein has realized numerous exhibitions, film, music and performance programs, workshops, lectures and conferences in various cities in Germany and abroad as well as in Dortmund.

It forms a platform for the production, presentation and mediation of contemporary or experimental (media) art. Media art is not understood as a technically determined genre, but as contemporary art that deals with the content and concept of our present, which is strongly influenced by media and technology. The main goals include the negotiation of contemporary themes and issues, addressing a broad public in the mediation work, and an interdisciplinary artistic approach.

Access to contemporary art is created in order to show that artists do not sit in ivory towers, but deal with topics that concern everyone. In its outreach work, the association makes use of the tools of the digital age to create a new understanding of our media world, its patterns of perception and action in a playful and participatory way.

The common concern of HMKV's projects is the attempt to use art to create an understanding of multi-layered social, political, economic or ecological relationships. In a globalized world accelerated by technology and based on the interaction of these systems, this approach enables a new view of our present that enriches the perception of each individual. Thus a singular position in NRW - and in Germany - is occupied . A broad, international network has emerged from the multitude of collaborations.

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