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The Rhenish farmers' market in Unterbilk was set up by the residents' initiative Friedensplätzchen and Agenda 21 in May 2004. You can buy green eggs, unusual cheeses, fresh poultry, seasonal fruit and vegetables, for example, in a very warm and personal atmosphere. What makes the market so popular is the freshness of the produce, good prices and the opportunity to buy the quantities you need. All products come from within a maximum radius of 80 km. This ensures that transport routes are short, that people experience the seasons more consciously, that regional jobs are preserved and that a contribution is made to environmental protection. Regional marketing sets an example against the globalization of food production.

Sales hours are:

Tuesdays from 8.00-13.00 and
Fridays from 10.00-17.00

Market spokesman: Hüskes, Klaus
Tel. 02152 / 3382 Fax 02156 / 77869
Schmitzheide 12 47918 Tönisvorst

Cheese, butter and bread from the Straetmanshof cheese dairy

Anne and Andreas Straetmans have been making their own cheese from the milk of their 60 cows in Kerken for 13 years. The feed for the animals is grown on their own land. From April to the end of October, the animals graze on the neighboring pastures. The milk is processed immediately after milking: Into cheese, but also into fresh farm butter, quark and various seasonal yogurt varieties. The cheeses are also varied and special: on the Straetmans' farm and at their cart, there is natural goat's cheese, beer and wine cheese and various farmhouse cheeses, e.g. with fenugreek. The farm's own bakery produces, for example, bread, stollen, nut corners and sheet

Fine lamb from the Grütersaap estate

One brother looks after the sheep breeding, the other the marketing of the lamb. The sheep and lambs graze on the meadows around the estate as well as on the lush Rhine meadows. From rearing to slaughter to sale, it is clear which route the lamb has taken. The estate has been run by the family for over 60 years. On offer are lamb shank, saddle of lamb, lamb chops, lamb goulash, fine lamb salmon and the specialty: fresh lamb kidneys. In summer, Heinrich Görsmeyer provides a delicious aroma with grilled sausages, both pork and lamb.

Fresh trout at Kamp

For 30 years, the Kamp family business from Engelskirchen has been breeding trout in natural earthen ponds in the Lambachtal valley, from egg to finished fish. The ponds are fed with fresh rock spring water from the Lambach. Salmon, lake, rainbow and brown trout live on a total of 6 hectares. They are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. The fish are offered fresh and also smoked over beech wood. Guido and Michael Kamp's farm bears the "Bergisch pur" seal for quality from the Bergisches Land region.

Meat and sausage from Vennbachhof

Hearty home-made sausages such as blood sausage or liver sausage without flavor enhancers can now be found almost exclusively directly from the farmers. The Engels family breeds cattle and pigs on the Vennbachhof farm in Schwalmtal. Father Hans is a master farmer, his son Christian a butcher. The animals are fed with grain, hay, grass silage or beet pulp from their own fields. Roast beef and pork, steaks, fillets and rib meat are available fresh from the Vennbachhof, as are sausages, brawn, roast beef and smoked ham. Everything is produced by the family themselves.

Apples, apples, apples from the St. Tönis fruit farm

Rudolf Steves has been growing fruit on his farm for over 30 years. Until 1994, the farm exclusively supplied the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Straelen. At Friedensplätzchen, you can now buy high-quality apples in many different flavors all year round. The offer ranges from Boskop for diabetics to 12 different varieties. Apple novices have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the apple universe with small samples. Depending on the season, the range is supplemented by cherries, apricots, raspberries and plums. There are also fruit juices, homemade syrups and jams. A hot tip from the editorial team is the delicious dried apple slices.

Fruit and vegetables from Dellenhof

Lamb's lettuce, savoy cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkins, red cabbage, eggplants and much more are grown by the Esser family on their farm in Büttgen / Kaarst. Either in the field or in the greenhouse under glass. In summer, they grow fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries and black and red currants. These berries in particular are ideal for baking and making jam.

Beef and pork products from Hawixhof

Theo and Anneliese Hawix from Sonsbeck near Wesel in "Sonsbecker Schweiz" run their farm, which has been a family business since the beginning of the 19th century. The animals are slaughtered in Kaldenkirchen purely for small and private butchers. Two butchers cut the meat into portions and then produce the sausage. There are smoked and air-dried sausages, changing types of meat, cooked sausage, pork and beef onion sausage, cold cuts, fantastic sausages, homemade cabbage, sausage and pasta salad. The offer is completed by the purchase of game from the Wesel forestry office (Mr. Jäger in Schermbeck is responsible for this).

Roses from Rainer Coenen

Beautiful roses come from Driesch, a district of Kaarst. Rainer Coenen runs the business, and four ladies actively support him in the sales on Friedensplätzchen. There is a variety of roses, dahlias, seasonal flowers, pot and bedding plants, as well as vegetables and berries from the field. He produces much of it himself and buys some things from the immediate neighborhood. What immediately catches the eye are the lovingly decorated baskets in the fall, tied bouquets and vegetables in their original form. In other words: at Brussels sprout harvest time, for example, a whole stalk lies on top of the harvested cabbages. Hobby gardeners are given very good advice when buying plants. Wreaths can be ordered during the Advent and Christmas season.

Poultry from the Ritte turkey farm

A wide range of poultry meat is available from Alexander Ritte from Wegberg-Rickelrath. The family business has owned the laying hen farm, which was founded in 1937, since 1972. The turkey fattening farm and the farm's own abattoir have been run by the Ritte family ever since. The range includes turkey, chicken, hen, duck and goose meat. The range is rounded off by the sale of free-range and barn eggs, rabbit, lamb and fallow deer meat. The stand is particularly busy before the Advent and Christmas season, when orders for the Christmas roast are accepted.

Flowers from Klaus Hüskes

Klaus Hüskes' nursery is located behind Krefeld in the tranquil town of Tönisvorst. Buyers can take his motto, "Yes, of course", at its word. The cut flowers, bedding plants and balcony plants are grown without the use of insecticides and are only treated naturally and homeopathically in the event of pest infestation. The range of freshly cut flowers and potted plants changes depending on the season. A large assortment of current perennials, herbs and vegetable plants is always available.

Vegetables from Stiegelhof

Peter and Brigitte van den Broek run Stiegelhof, which is located in Brüggen, about 53 km from Viersen. They don't grow everything themselves, but their suppliers are located in the immediate vicinity of the farm. At the market stall itself, the origin of each type of vegetable is clearly marked and the products are very well sorted. There is a large selection of crisp, fresh and very aromatic coarse and fine vegetables, salads, waxy and floury potatoes and, depending on the season, delicious asparagus and strawberries to try.

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Dienstag: 08:00 - 13:00
Freitag: 10:00 - 17:00
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