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Lantz'scher Park

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In place of the old knight's seat, the Lantz family, probably in 1805-1806, builds the manor house that still exists today. In the background of a portrait of Margarethe Lantz (1769 - 1833) from this period, a landscaped garden with curved paths, sculptures and a viewing area can be seen.

A generation later, in 1858, Joseph Clemens Weyhe (1807 - 1871), working as Royal Garden Inspector in Düsseldorf, designed a garden plan for the manor house in a landscape style. The watercolors by Hindorf and Beckmann from 1863 and 1864 vividly document the generous lawns, picturesque groups of trees, the roundel in front of the (no longer existing) conservatory on the south side of the house, the viewing hill at the Stockumer Tor.

After the death of Mathilde Lantz (1834 - 1878), the funeral chapel was built in 1879 to the west of the manor house and the adjoining woodland parcel "Lohauser Büschchen". Carl Friedrich Julius Bouché (1846 - 1922), garden inspector of the Royal Botanical Garden in Bonn, draws up a plan for the new part of the park around the chapel in 1880 in the style of historicism, with a lime tree rondell in front of the chapel, lime tree avenues behind the chapel, curved paths and a small viewing hill.

Towards the end of the Second World War, command and message bunkers are built at the park entrance Heiligenweg / "Stockumer Tor", parts of which still exist. Artillery shelling and firewood use decimate the park's tree population on the Rhine side in particular in 1945.

After the death of Ludwig Lantz (1885 - 1969), the city of Düsseldorf buys the entire estate in 1972. The servants' quarters on Lohauser Dorfstraße give way to modern residential buildings. Sports fields, allotment gardens, and the A 44 autobahn are built in the park's surroundings. The former kitchen garden is redesigned as a playground on the basis of Franz Josef Greub's (1930-1980) park maintenance work, the linden avenue behind the chapel is renewed, and tree care measures are carried out.


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