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The perspectives of non-white and queer people still get too little coverage in the German media. Activist Zuher Jazmati and hip-hop party organizer Dominik Djialeu want to change that with BBQ - the Black Brown Queer Podcast. For this purpose, they invite different guests (such as Tarik Tesfu, Miriam Davoudvandi, Aminata Touré, Ebow or Malcolm Ohanwe) to their studio every month to talk about topics like sex work, queerness in the media industry, BIPoC in politics, fetishization of non-white people or queerness in rap.

The first episode of the monthly podcast was released on December 15, 2019.

BBQ - The Black Brown Queer Podcast is published by the online magazine Supernova - the young magazine of Neues Deutschland Druckerei und Verlag GmbH.

Concept and idea: Zuher Jazmati and Dominik Djialeu

Editors: Dominik Djialeu, Zuher Jazmati and Jan Brock

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