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rosa rugosa - Blumengarten

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In the artist's words:

Blumengarten are a duo who not only sold out their "Die erste Tour" in 2023 in no time at all, but have already announced their next tour throughout Germany and Austria for April 2024.

The origins of Blumengarten date back to 2021, when the duo formed in Velbert, a tranquil small town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Rayan and Sammy, singer and producer, had little to do with each other at the same school until they came together to create music in Sammy's basement after graduating. This creative synergy resulted in their first EP "sag deinen freunden, dass du sie liebst", which fuses their diverse musical influences of indie, hip-hop, house and rock into a refreshing soundscape.

Rayan's lyrics explore themes such as growing up and the ups and downs of first love. Blumengarten always focuses on hope, regardless of life's circumstances. The belief in a better future permeates every line and every instrumental. Although they have only been on stage for a year, the duo masterfully convey a sense of confidence and trust. From touching moments on "paris syndrom" to rousing mosh pits on "wiedersehen", Blumengarten create a unique atmosphere that makes you want to experience their music live.

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