"It's the most wonderful time of the year, ding-dong, ding-dong...": We say goodbye to 2023 and have turned our event calendar upside down for the Grand Finale, shaken it up properly and the result is yet more great event highlights, guest list places & ideas with which nothing really stands in the way of December in Munich!

Theater, concerts, exhibition, silent night or New Year's Eve party - there's something for everyone here! Check it out:

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Sooo, here we go with the December highlights that you absolutely must not miss:

KINO ASYL Filmfestival 2023

KINO ASYL Filmfestival 2023
© KINO ASYL 2023
Fr, 01.12.2023 20:00
Free admission

Get ready for the most diverse film festival with films from all over the world! Immerse yourself in different cultures and stories about home on the big screen. Sometimes funny, sometimes heart-wrenching and always special.

Nachtmusik der Moderne

Nachtmusik der Moderne
© Florian Ganslmeier
Sa, 02.12.2023 22:00
15,00 to 30,00 €

A special kind of concert feeling. The Pinakothek is closing and the chamber orchestra is coming. Now it's not only exciting for classical music fans, because, as the title suggests, modern pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries are played.


© Ozgu Ozden / Unsplash
So, 03.12.2023 11:00
4,00 €


Pearl Workshop inkl. vegan Sandwiches von Breadbox

Pearl Workshop inkl. vegan Sandwiches von Breadbox
© Girls & Pearls
Mo, 04.12.2023 18:30
40,00 €

Beads, beads, beads. You have the opportunity to make your own personalized jewelry. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Pssst... it also makes a wonderful Christmas present.

Impro á la turka - After Wörk

Mi, 06.12.2023 20:00
14,00 to 16,00 €

Do you want to really enjoy your evening after work? Then head to Heppel & Ettlich to laugh your head off. It gets wild there. Far from reality, prejudices and everyday office life are presented in a funny and comical way.

Sam Tompkins - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Do, 07.12.2023 20:00
29,55 €

The newcomer artist, who effortlessly made it into the UK charts, hits the heart with his songs. Sam Tompkins definitely has some goosebump moments to offer. On the other hand, his incomparable sound makes you dance so much that you no longer know which way is up and which way is down after the concert.

Alien Disko #5 - Präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Fr, 08.12.2023 18:30
65,00 to 150,00 €

Here the name says it all, because it's going to be extraordinary! Music from all over the world awaits you: border-crossing, loud, colorful and uncategorical. Want to hear something new? Then let's go!

Open Stage - Lost Weekend

Mo, 11.12.2023 19:00
Free admission

Unberechenbar! So ist jeder Open Stage-Abend, denn jeder Act könnte das Ungewöhnlichste, Lustigste, Seltsamste, Traurigste oder Ausgefallenste sein, das wir seit längerer Zeit gesehen haben. Let's try something new und lass dich überraschen – wer weiß, was sich in der Schatztruhe der offenen Bühne dieses Mal versteckt hat?


© Michelle Rassnitzer
Di, 12.12.2023 19:00
38,75 €


Socks for Christmas are a flop? Fancy a bit of sparkle and secrets under the tree? Holla at us. 🤝 Brand new: vouchers are finally available for our secret concerts. It's not only exciting for your loved ones, but also for you, so here you go!

Günter Fruhtrunk. Die Pariser Jahre (1954 - 1967)

Günter Fruhtrunk. Die Pariser Jahre (1954 - 1967)
© Günter Fruhtrunk, Gestaltung ins Quadrat, 1959, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München, Foto: Lenbachhaus © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2022
Do, 14.12.2023 10:00
5,00 to 10,00 €

How about a visit to a museum again? Even if Günter Fruhtrunk and "concrete art" don't mean anything to you yet, you've probably at least seen his design for the Aldi Nord bag. You can find out more about the work of the German design icon at the Lenbachhaus.

1€ Museumssonntag

1€ Museumssonntag
© Julian Mora via unsplash
So, 17.12.2023 10:00
1,00 €
Verschiedene Orte in München

Don't worry, you're not dreaming. It's really true: every Sunday you can visit the listed museums for only 1€.

Love Tuesday

Love Tuesday
© 089 Bar & Lounge
Di, 19.12.2023 21:00
8,00 €

Get out of the university and head to the 089 Bar! Every Tuesday from 9 p.m. there is a cool mix of hip-hop, classics and electro. And drink specials that every wallet will be happy about!

LIX - Literatur im HochX

LIX - Literatur im HochX
© Franziskus Buescher
Do, 21.12.2023 19:00
9,00 to 14,00 €

Make yourself comfortable in the HochX Theater, because it's time again for contemporary texts of every stripe. We all like a good read, don't we?

Volksshow #2 - Late-Night mit Moritz Hürtgen, Toxische Pommes und Susi Bumms

Volksshow #2 - Late-Night mit Moritz Hürtgen, Toxische Pommes und Susi Bumms
© Felix Schmitt
Do, 21.12.2023 20:00
15,00 €

Fancy a funny evening with two true legends. Then hurry off to the Volkstheater. You can expect a lively mix of the TikToker "toxische Pommes" and "Susi Bumms", a musician and artist. You should definitely not miss this combo!


© Symbolbild
Mo, 25.12.2023 22:30
15,00 €

Have you had enough time with the family? That's a good thing, because the drinks exchange is back at the NaGa. The share price is rising and so is the thirst. Don't miss out on this fun.

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

Do, 28.12.2023 15:00
45,00 to 100,00 €

You've never been this close to movie music. Watching Cinderella on a big screen with a breathtaking orchestra in your ear. It's really something special and gets right under your skin. An absolute must for all fairytale fans.

A night of uplifting clubsounds - Silvesterparty

A night of uplifting clubsounds - Silvesterparty
© Muffatwerk
So, 31.12.2023 22:00
24,90 €


Substanzielle Silvestersause

Substanzielle Silvestersause
© Substanz
So, 31.12.2023 19:30
10,00 €

At Substanz, New Year's Eve gets off to a relaxed start with a pub quiz and bingo, before the 90s steamer lures everyone onto the dance floor and into the New Year from 11 pm. This wonder bag can simply do everything!

So if there aren't some treasures in there for you...

Have fun going out, we have the honor ✌️

Cover picture © Dieter K / Unsplash

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