And yet another new month is just around the corner. Is there still room in your diary for the best events and must-dos in Munich in November? We'll tell you something - namely which events you shouldn't miss in Munich in November. Concerts, markets, poetry slams - oh and the Christmas markets are already starting. Guys, it's going to be nice! So sit back & pull out your calendars.

nand - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Do, 02.11.2023 20:00
24,00 €

His live show is like no other concert: there is rave, classic trumpet sounds and modern pop, all in one - a musical roller coaster ride of emotions. We are giving away tickets.

135+ mit Resurrection

Do, 02.11.2023 22:00
7,00 €

Let's dance together with booming bass, blinding lights and breathtaking sounds against the cold months. Not for the first time, the walls of Bahnwärter Thiel will be made to shake by the Resurrection collective. Let's hope it will be as gigantic as last time.

Escon off series

Escon off series
© Culture Ventures GbR
Sa, 04.11.2023 22:00
16,00 to 22,00 €

The Escon Off Series Party offers an extraordinary, immersive experience far from the usual club scene. As a techno offshoot of Escon events, the party revs up from the start with powerful techno and driving beats. Here, the Escon vibe is pre-programmed.

Servus Comedy Stand Up Comedy Show

Servus Comedy Stand Up Comedy Show
© Hauke van Göns
So, 05.11.2023 19:00
Free admission

In the mood for an extensive laughing muscle workout? Then drop by Schwabing and get ready for punchlines from comedians from the Munich scene. He who laughs first, laughs best. Or what was that again?


© Nikolai Meierjohann
Mo, 06.11.2023 19:00
19,40 €

Have you heard of Sparkling? With their energetic beats, the guys from Cologne manage to get every audience dancing. Whether you're into indie, pop or electronic sounds, Sparkling hits every nerve and won't let you go. Their catchy lyrics and infectious rhythms make them an absolute must-see on stage. So don't miss the chance to see this up-and-coming band live and be enchanted by their music. Get your ticket now!

Frankenwein - Der Wein- & Genussmarkt.

Do, 09.11.2023 15:00
15,00 €

Imagine strolling through a retro ambience, tasting the best Bavarian delicacies and discovering young winemaking talents along the way who are turning winemaking on its head. Whether you're an experienced wine connoisseur or a novice, this event is a Franconian taste explosion where tradition and zeitgeist collide.

Acryl Afterwork Painting

Fr, 10.05.2024 19:30
49,00 €

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Relaxing over a glass of wine, painting a pretty picture, winding down from a tiring day at work. The Afterwork Painting is truly a safe space. Everyone who wants to give free rein to their creativity is welcome here.

Kunst- und Designmarkt München im MVG Museum

Kunst- und Designmarkt München im MVG Museum
© Kunst- und Desingmarkt
Sa, 11.11.2023 10:00
5,00 €
MVG Museum

Would you like to go shopping in a relaxed atmosphere away from the mainstream hustle and bustle? Then the art and design market is just right for you. Especially if you are interested in unusual and unique products, you will definitely find something here. Have fun exploring!

Krims & Krams Flohmarkt im Bahnwärter Thiel

So, 12.11.2023 15:00
3,50 €

Bargain hunters and collectors take note! Nobody can say exactly what you can expect. The only certainty is that, like every time, it will be a colorful surprise package. And who knows, maybe there will be a few great finds. In any case, there will be great musical accompaniment. So come along, stroll and dance.

VERIFIZIERT - Veri Tour 2023 - Präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Mo, 13.11.2023 20:00
27,10 €

Why does so much good German-language music actually come from Austria? The Viennese VERIFIZIERT has been releasing great tracks since 2019 and is now on tour with her first album. In her lo-fi hip-hop melodic beat meets soft voice. Everything cloud-soft, but still with traction.

Der Blaue Reiter

Der Blaue Reiter
© Erma Bossi
Do, 16.11.2023 10:00
5,00 to 10,00 €

Don't miss the exhibition at the Lenbachhaus that shows connections between Bavarian and Russian folk art, Japanese woodblock prints, children's drawings, contemporary music, and the works from Bali, Gabon, Oceania, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Egypt featured in the Almanac.

Jessy Lanza - ABGESAGT

Di, 21.11.2023 20:00
22,00 €

The Canadian musician Jessy Lanza is a guest at the Milla Club. If you are in the mood for an exciting mix of her voice and uptempo beats tuned to it, you should definitely not miss it. Jessy Lanza is a producer, DJ and singer at the same time and presents a mix of different genres with her talent. There you will be simply and simply enchanted!

BLOND - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

BLOND - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Johannes Richter
Do, 23.11.2023 20:00
32,40 €

Ready for a dose of "Las Vegas Glamour" with BLOND? Nina, Lotta and Johann from Chemnitz come to Munich with their playful and sparkling indie pop. If you want to stand in the mosh pit and bawl along to power refrains about mental health, period pain and everyday sexism, you should get tickets now or take part in our raffle.

Mondscheinexpress - Ein Winterfestival am Bahnwärter Thiel

Mondscheinexpress - Ein Winterfestival am Bahnwärter Thiel
© Bahnwärter Thiel / Facebook
Do, 23.11.2023 16:00
Free admission

The winter season has also officially begun at Bahnwärter Thiel. Art & curiosities, fragrant delicacies, rare treasures, warm fireplaces and a cabaret stage for daily concerts can all be discovered here. Afterwards, the warm hall invites you to a colorful evening program.

Tollwood Winterfestival

Tollwood Winterfestival
© Anton Brandl
Do, 23.11.2023 14:00
Free admission

Have you also been looking forward to the Winter Tollwood 2023 for ages? Then there is good news: The Tollwood season has now officially been ushered in. So get there and sample new delicacies, grab great gifts for friends or family, and listen to the exciting live acts.

Märchenbazar im Olympiapark-Süd

Do, 23.11.2023 16:00
Free admission

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Not in the Christmas spirit yet? No problem! Because the fairytale bazaar is simply enchanting. So head there and stroll through this magical atmosphere with mulled wine or punch. Instead of Christmas kitsch, there are circus tents, lots of live music and delicious food: The Märchenbazar is perfect for anyone who likes things a little more alternative.

Münchner Poetry Slam-Stadtmeisterschaft 2023

Münchner Poetry Slam-Stadtmeisterschaft 2023
© Yannik Sellmann
So, 26.11.2023 19:00
19,00 €

Are you ready to listen to the eight most successful poetry slammers and cheer them on? They will all be competing against each other and not only want to win over the audience with their eloquent texts, but also score points with the jury. It will be exciting!

Die Münchner Feuerzangenbowle

Mo, 27.11.2023 11:00
Free admission

What more could you wish for than to drink Feuerzangenbowle together with friends and acquaintances in icy temperatures? And then also in such a wintry and glorious ambience. Let yourself be seduced by the unique taste and the spectacular flame magic and keep evenings like these as wonderful memories.

That looks like a November just the way we like it. As always, you can find more events in Munich in November in our Rausgegangen app or on our website

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