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8 ½ Millionen

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8 1/2 Million based on the novel by Tom McCarthy directed by Mathias Spaan

The feeling that the world is false. Unreal. The people are statuesque, the sequences as if rehearsed. Since a mysterious accident, this feeling accompanies the protagonist of 8 ½ Million at every turn. As compensation for the accident, he has received the gigantic settlement of 8 ½ million pounds, but what to do with such a sum, when one no longer finds access to reality? Chasing a sudden experience of déjà vu, he finally begins to build his own reality. As if in a frenzy, he erects sets, hires actors and extras, and stages ever more meticulous and larger reenactments of his nebulous memories. The goal: to be able to perceive the world fluidly, genuinely, authentically again. Total alienation turns into a manic mania for controlling reality. Until these reenactments gradually get out of hand.

Is it possible to experience authenticity again through the false? Where are the boundaries between play and reality, and is the reenactment of reality even conceivable? Questions that go straight to the heart of theater, Tom McCarthy's acclaimed novel convolutes into an absurd thriller. The production is Mathias Spaan's first work at the Volkstheater.

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Münchner Volkstheater Tumblingerstraße 29 80337 München

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