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Animal Farm

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In the organizer's words:

The Animal Farm - An experiment
based on a fable by George Orwell
The story is well known: The animals of the master farm live more badly than well under the tyranny of the farmer Mr. Jones. One day they rise up against him and win. The Herrenhof becomes the "farm of the animals", where everyone has the same rights - at least at the beginning of this joint attempt to establish a stable, fair and peaceful system. But anyone who thinks they already know the ending is in for a surprise ...
Orwell wrote his fable under the impression of Stalinism. However, its message is timeless. It is frighteningly topical in times of populism, abuse of power and the global consequences of uninhibited consumption.
But there is also room for laughter. Just be careful: some of the laughs will get stuck in your throat ...

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