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When Babyjoy makes music, she sets feelings of life to music. Not at all striking, completely unforced, more between the lines, amazingly undogmatic, out of the situation: "the air is thick, the room is warm, my heart is cold / where do you want to go? I hold you tight, I feel no hold". The emotional field of tension in which the Berliner moves lyrically and musically is too broad, too multi-layered, too complex for black-and-white depictions - a sad-critical note is mixed into every rapture of joy, even in phases of comprehensive dejection there is always a spark of hope. In Babyjoy's pieces, crystal-clear vision and formless dreaminess, life-affirming melancholy and crushing world-weariness, vulnerability and empowerment merge into a great whole - uninhibitedly honest, transparent and intimate. Babyjoy demonstrates enormous flexibility not only in the interplay between emotional states and in her lyrical explorations of togetherness, trust and loss: she moves between languages, stylistic attitudes and genre boundaries with equal ease. With a soft and equally rough voice, she blossoms equally as a singer and rapper, flows at a fast pace and sets thoughtful pauses, controls driving trap beats here and decelerated modern jazz compositions there. Babyjoy's lyrics, meanwhile, thrive on multilingualism: at times, German-, French- and English-language passages even intertwine in the midst of individual songs. The fact that Babyjoy today is a seeker, a stage person, indeed a full-blooded artist, is hardly surprising in view of her curriculum vitae. As the daughter of a mother from Paris and a father from the USA - a professional musician, by the way - Joy grew up in Berlin with a French passport. Early on, she develops an appreciation for music, plays the piano, listens to jazz, funk and American hip-hop. By her teens, at the latest, she knows the capital like the back of her hand. Between complicated family relationships and her first acting experiences, she is forced to grow up early, is always on the go, and gets to know excess. As a young woman, she first enters a jazz apprenticeship and later attends an acting school, figures her first roles in front of the camera, and at the same time starts her career as a publicly visible musician. Already the first release "Traum" mixes up the Berlin rap scene in July 2019, the entry into the "Artists-to-Watch" lists of German music portals succeeds without long lead time. In 2020, Babyjoy experiences a new level of attention with the single "Viele Leute gucken" - a gripping reappraisal of her experiences as a black woman in a white majority society. In the following year, the debut EP "Troubadour" is released, followed in 2022 by "Ophelia", the second major impact and sharpens Babyjoy's profile - both projects are created in close collaboration with producer KazOnDaBeat. At the same time, Joy shines as an actress and dubbing artist. Since her musical rise happened largely during the Corona pandemic, she can only demonstrate her stage skills expansively in the summer of 2022 - she performs, among other things, at the splash! festival and in the WDR format "Rap meets Orchestra". After features with Monk (BHZ), Ahzumjot, Badchieff and her biological brother Dead Dawg (BHZ), Babyjoy's first album will finally be released in spring 2024.

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