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Best of Poetry Slam Day 2024 - Elbphilharmonie - Legends

In the organizer's words:

Come on, let's have the party that poetry slam deserves. We celebrate the spoken word in all its gaudy facets - the battle of the arts invites you to a location that still gives even the most experienced poetry slam stars goosebumps. In this one particularly special concert hall - the Elbphilharmonie. And there, shortly after New Year's Eve, we'll simply bang out all the light effects of this event format, which has grown up, but still blazes so brightly. Look forward to sparkling performances, bubbling gag volcanoes, twinkling eyes and a fat spark of madness. Either way, it's going to be a luminous day, divided into three shows.

Rising Stars - We start with the poetry slammers who leave nothing but ashes on the slam stages, because their career oven is just starting to fire.

The Poetry Slam Awards - Then we treat ourselves to the best active poetry slammers and take a big bow to them and the best actors in the scene. You can expect an award show, but poetry slam style of course.

Legends - Finally, the legends. On the first pages of their picture book careers was written: Poetry Slam. In the meantime they are celebrated authors, award-winning comedians and the most charming faces of public life. But this one time, at the end of this one evening, they return to the slam stage.

Look forward to a celebration of poetry, opened with a workshop and garnished with an after-show party. A whole day, where we really just want to show you again how much we love poetry slam.

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Elbphilharmonie Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4 20457 Hamburg

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