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In the organizer's words:
  • The dance performance BLACKOUTS uses the audience as a power generator and participatory element.
  • Over 30 performers are part of the free immersive performance.

On the first and second of December, Munich's ZIRKA will be transformed into a power plant. The dancing visitors will serve as the power source, gradually triggering new, unconventional program moments. The program is free and accessible to everyone. The performance BLACKOUTS develops the idea of a human power plant and confronts the social questions that arise from this concept: So if human kinetic energy can be used to generate energy - how does this change our (self-)understanding in dealing with our bodies? In this way, does mankind place itself on an equal footing in a "natural" energy cycle and thus overcome the self-constructed dualism of man and nature? Or is a new cycle of exploitation (who is used to generate electricity?) and exclusion (which bodies are "usable" according to this principle, and which are not) just unfolding?


Collectivity is juxtaposed with the capitalization of human bodies. The result is an immersive performance that gives the audience the opportunity to help shape a discourse on the use and consumption of energy. Each visitor receives a movement counter and thus becomes part of the human power plant, which reaches new levels step by step. Superheroes meet bodybuilders, cowboys meet pregnant pole dancers, and a line dance group meets a headbanging choir. In the end, the only question that remains is who is actually driving whom and whether tears are the most crisis-proof currency?


With BLACKOUTS , the performance art collective SERVICE NOT INCLUDED is bringing its fifth immersive performance to Munich. Their previous works include a club theater performance on the history of hygiene and ecstasy, which took place during the pandemic, as well as a twelve-hour restaurant performance in which the reopening of a restaurant was staged, which the owner closed due to increasing anti-Semitic hostility. For BLACKOUTS, the transdisciplinary team behind SERVICE NOT INCLUDED has brought together other suitable guests such as the avant-garde noise musician and composer

noise musician and composer "Abu Gabi" from Vienna, as well as the Tyrolean start-up "REPS", which provides off-grid and green energy converters.

>>"We create participatory works that deal with questions of public participation, collective narratives and other social and political issues in an immersive way," explains Marie Jaksch, co-founder of SERVICE NOT INCLUDED. "We are looking for new forms and formats with which we can merge socio-cultural issues with aesthetic experience and a culture of controversy. In our works, we try to use performative strategies of (public) spaces such as restaurants or clubs and examine them for their socio-political aspects and mechanisms of action. By appropriating these spaces, we want to create self-contained and temporary places in which the audience can, should and must discuss their own behavior and help shape events." - Marie Jaksch continues. Through subconscious participation, her new work BLACKOUTS also creates utopias that constitute alternative and unfamiliar realities - albeit always for a limited time.

PREMIERE Friday, 1.12.2023, 8:00 pm
further performance Saturday, 2.12.2023, 20:00 hrs

Dachauer Straße 110c,
80636 Munich

PRICES Admission free

SERVICE NOT INCLUDED is a performance collective founded in 2017 by Marie Jaksch, Lotti Oeken and Joscha Faralisch. More at

BLACKOUTS is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, by the Verband freie Darstellende Künste Bayern e.V. as part of the process funding of the "Förderpaket Freie Kunst 2023" with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

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Price information:

Admission free


ZIRKA Dachauer Str. 110c 80636 München

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