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The everyday life of model Phia Quantius is characterized by nausea, paralysis and hallucinations. Since childhood, she has suffered from severe migraines - a disease that is often trivialized. On social media, she educates people about the invisible disease and its consequences. In October, she published her book Bombenkopf, which she is now taking on a reading tour of Germany.


Phia Quantius has suffered from a particularly severe form of migraine since childhood. The neurological disease attacks the young woman three to six times a month, tearing her from her everyday life with pain, nausea, paralysis and hallucinations. Despite its enormous impact, migraine is often considered a trivial matter, yet around twenty percent of the population suffers from it, and researchers have yet to find an effective cure.

With her book Bombenkopf, published on 27.10.23 by Lübbe LIFE, Phia Quantius wants to give the invisible disease a face. The author tells her story on 272 pages, talks to experts about treatment options and about everything else connected with the disease: Drug use, depression, suicidality - and, despite everything, her irrepressible love of life. Now Phia Quantius is embarking on a reading tour with Bombenkopf and is also making a stop in Munich.


Phia Quantius was born in Siegburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, in 1998 and started modeling at the age of 15. She traveled the world for her job at a young age. Since 2022, she has been sharing her life with migraine disease with an ever-growing community. On Instagram, more than 187,000 people now follow her journey. On TikTok, her video posts reach nearly four million people and counting. Phia Quatius has already been a guest on Stern TV, Deep und Deutlich, ZDF, various podcasts and other print and radio media with the topic of migraine. She lives and works in Hamburg and is also active in animal welfare.

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