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Büchner (UA) - Die Weltgeschichte meint es nicht persönlich mit dir

In the organizer's words:

By Björn Gabriel with texts by Georg Büchner

He founded a "Society of Human Rights", was wanted by the police for "acts of treason against the state", had to flee and seek asylum. He did brain research, was a social revolutionary, an activist and a writer who enriched theater literature with unheard-of new forms.

He was a passionate, highly gifted artist who believed in the republic as the best of all possible basic forms of coexistence. And at the same time, with the cold gaze of an analyst, he literarily dissected power structures and called man's free will into question. Georg Büchner (1813-1837) was only 24 years old.

Björn Gabriel, who has been active in the independent Cologne scene for ten years with studio trafique and directs at various city and state theaters, has dealt with Büchner's work many times. At Theater der Keller, he has dealt with the phenomenon of Büchner himself from today's perspective. "One must love humanity [...]. I demand in everything - life, possibility of existence [...]."

Director & Stage: Björn Gabriel
Costume: Anna Marienfeld
Video: Alice Bleistein

With: Anna Marienfeld, Jan Sabo, Susanne Seuffert, Moritz Reinisch

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On 18.08: 8€ (theater day)

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Theater der Keller Siegburger Straße 233w 50679 Köln

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