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Die Zofen

Theater Theater
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"The Maids" by Jean Genet directed by Lucia Bihler.

Claire and Solange rehearse the rebellion. Again and again and again. No sooner is the madam, in whose service the two sisters are, out of the house, the alarm clock set, the curtains drawn, than an uncanny ritual begins. The maids shamelessly penetrate into the most intimate realms of their mistress and make her dazzling world, which they both desire and despise, their own. Suddenly everything is possible, nothing is sacred. For a short duration, Claire and Solange create a realm of imagination in which they alone have sovereignty over their roles, over power and submission. With perverse pleasure, one doles out and the other takes it, until the boundaries of game and reality blur in a feverish frenzy of overlapping identities. For the sisters are also united by an abysmal love-hate relationship, which drives the ritual inexorably towards its climax: the murder of the gracious wife. When she returns, it must finally happen. The last opportunity to put the criminal fantasy into action has come. But while the act of liberation is within reach, the invisible bonds of dependency between the three women emerge all the stronger. In a fatal way, the fate of the maids is chained to that of the gracious woman.

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