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Mindset - Reading with Sebastian "El Hotzo" Hotz

Maximilian Krach has everything a young man socialized on the internet in the second decade of the 21st century could wish for: Expensive watches, an official number of followers, a business idea as simple as it is brilliant, and an unshakable belief in his own uniqueness.
Since he is keen to share his findings and insights, he takes the time every few weeks to share his ideas with a packed seminar room in medium-sized and small German cities. It's about wolves and sheep, about famous loners and about the key to success, which is not out there somewhere, as so many believe, but much, much closer: in the right mindset.
But anyone who thinks that the road to the top is not arduous and demanding, not lined with thorny opportunities and unconvincing doubters, has of course understood nothing. These are lessons that Mirko still has to learn, too, as he sets out to break out of his bleak everyday life with Maximilian's help. And so presentations are knitted and postings planned, sports cars rented and NFTs mined, until a guilelessly dropped pizza order on a winter night in Gütersloh holds insights that are very difficult to translate into important learnings. A novel about men who have no time and no desire to despair of their ordinariness, and a society that must somehow cope with their evasions. As if there weren't enough problems already.

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