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Erobique Nr. 02 | Carsten Meyer

In the organizer's words:

Vacation. Not only in Italy. A backpacking trip through Australia, a campfire in the allotment garden. In the car with friends through the Lüneburg Heath or just a short vacation in the head, in the rainy lunch break or with a glass of spritzer on the balcony. And that includes music, music, music! Grooves that roll like an intercity train into the distance, Rhodes chords as soft as the sand on the beach and synthesizers that sparkle like the reflections on the ocean. Music as colorful as a Hawaiian shirt and as warming as the morning sun. Welcome to Erobique's second album: "Erobique No.2"!

Here even the song titles are in vacation mood: "Ahoj!" greets the young "Springinsfeld". The "Mantas" glide elegantly around the "Acquamarina". "Salut les Copines!" we call to the neighboring boat. "Why don't you come along on the 'Ravedave!" it sounds back cheerfully. "Riding Low" is the motto, and the "Arpeggiator" wonderfully condenses the "synaesthesia" of the fogged senses. The "Italotape" in the cassette deck plays the "hit song of the two of us". It's all so beautifully "fucked up", it sounds like "future music"! Carsten Meyer released his debut "Erosound" in 1998 under the name "Erobique". Exactly 25 years later, the now 50-year-old releases his second Erobique album on his own label A-sexy. Thirteen varied tracks and songs between vacation disco and rhythm box rave, recorded and produced with many of his friends and companions. 25 years, that's pretty much the time it took disco to go from the legendary loft parties of pioneer David Mancuso to the impressive mass spectacles of Daft Punk's performances. Or else from Meyer's birth to his first long-playing record. So why only now a second album as "Erobique"? Meyer has been improvising performances in front of dancing audiences for years. Even his hits "Easy Mobeasy" and "Urlaub in Italien" are not pop songs in the true sense of the word, but emerged from spontaneous inspirations, in an adrenaline rush, in the middle of the party, in the middle of the moment! Sung along and faded away again. Recorded live and out with it. Don't repeat it! Every Erobique concert is an attempt to build the unexpected, the unimagined and the accidental into a unique being-there moment. "Mistake is king" the witty Knarf Rellöm once said - and Carsten Meyer is the king of mistakes! How are you supposed to conjure up such moments in the studio, without a party, without the energy that spills back onto the stage at such a children's birthday party for adults? Meyer remembered another Erobique hit, and changed his title accordingly: He collaborated with an overdose of joy!

Drummer Lucas Kochbeck (The KBCs, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band), who now also supports Carsten in his live gigs, and neighbor and buddy Christoph M. Kaiser, (former bassist with the Jeremy Days, now film music and pop strategist) laid the groove foundation with glowing tiles, as once at Trinity, Hamburg's legendary 80s disco. Sophia Kennedy came over to sing from the neighboring studio, and Lieven Brunckhorst dragged the entire horn section of Jan Delay's big band Disco No1 right along to the microphone. Meyer recorded harps, xylophones and violins in his music room at Hamburg's Fischmarkt or at Tobias Levin's Electric Avenue studio overlooking the Fleet. It was off to Berlin where Carsten finally met up with his hero Siriusmo to put some ideas through the electronic grinder. Nicola Rost of Laing dropped by, leaving behind impossibly dense choruses and gorgeous vocals. Finally, all tracks were brought to Ludwigsburg in Swabia, where Freundeskreis DJ and disco expert Martin Welzer aka DJ Friction screwed an incredibly warm and dancefloor-friendly overall sound to all the madness.

Over the course of a summer, a musical box of chocolates was created that will not only enrich the holiday playlist of his fans and listeners, but also make his several quantum bytes deep archive of ideas and sketches a little bit thinner. For outside of his disco fairs, up and down the country, Meyer has not remained idle over the past quarter century: From 1998 to 2006, he developed hypermodern electronic soul with DJ Koze and Cosmic DJ as International Pony. Together with Jacques Palminger and Chris Dietermann, he coached amateur songwriters in making pop music in the "Songs for Joy" project at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, which resulted in the secret hit "Wann Strahlst Du?" with great lyrics by Barbara Stützel in 2007. By the way, theater: For theater director Herbert Fritsch he arranged the hits of Gino Paoli and Hugo Wolff for over-the-top evenings at the Schauspielhaus Zurich (2016) and at the Residenztheater Munich (2015), for Stefan Pucher he turned Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales through the Heimorgelwolf (2010). For his colleagues from Studio Braun, he made the "Dorfpunks" sound at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg, and directly afterwards he developed with them the authentic Neue Welle sound for their mockumentary "Fraktus", which was released in 2012. So here we are with film and television music. Here, too, there has been plenty for Meyer to do in recent years. His best work was the soundtrack for the popular TV series "Der Tatortreiniger" with Bjarne Mädel in the title role. Along the way, the "jack-of-all-trades" (quote Peter Bursch) also released several albums on his own label A-sexy: rumble funk as "Babyman," the finest chanson pop with Palminger and Yvon Janssen for "Yvon im Kreis der Liebe," and warm, modern Hammond jazz with the "Hamburg Spinners.

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