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Urlaub in Italien - Erobique

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In the artist's words:

Carsten Meyer, alias EROBIQUE, has been shaking up clubs and parties in German-speaking countries with his unique disco music for many years as a charismatic entertainer. His unconventional style in the electronic music scene has made him an outstanding artist. In 1998 he released his first album "Erosound", and exactly 25 years later, on 16.06.23, he proudly presented his second work "Erobique No.2" on his own label ASEXY.

EROBIQUE's music fuses different genres such as house, disco, funk and electronica. His style is characterized by a playful and often humorous touch, characterized by funky bass lines, catchy melodies and creative sound experiments. Similarly inspired sounds can be found in artists such as Metronomy, Lindstrøm or Todd Terje.

EROBIQUE's musical journey began at the age of eight with his first piano lesson. After graduating from high school, he was part of various bands and eventually founded the electronic trio 'International Pony' with DJ Koze and Comic DJ. In addition to numerous albums and impressive performances throughout Europe, Meyer also established himself as a theater composer and musician as well as a creator of impressive film music, including for works such as "Die fremde Familie" and "Fraktus". He became particularly well-known through his collaboration with director Arne Feldhusen for the TV series "Der Tatortreiniger", for which he not only composed the theme music but also put his own musical stamp on each episode.

EROBIQUE turns every tour into a vacation - and not just in Italy. Whether it's a backpacking trip through Australia, a campfire in the allotment garden, a drive through the Lüneburg Heath or simply a short mental break during a rainy lunch break or on the balcony with a glass of spritzer - it always involves music, music, music! His grooves roll like an intercity train into the distance, the Rhodes chords are as soft as the sand on the beach, and the synthesizers sparkle like reflections on the ocean. EROBIQUE's music is as colorful as a Hawaiian shirt and as warming as the morning sun. Experience this unique sound journey live on his next tour!

Frequently asked questions about Erobique

1. who is Erobique and what kind of music does he make?

Erobique is a German musician known for his versatile music. He mainly produces electronic music that combines elements from different genres such as house, disco and funk.

2. how has Erobique's musical style evolved over the course of his career?

Erobique's musical style has evolved over the years, incorporating different influences and genres while maintaining his signature sound.

3. how many albums has Erobique released?

Erobique released his first album "Erosound!" in 1998. He has since released a total of 9 albums.

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