PHOTO: © Phil Dera

HEKATOMBE III – movements and rituals for the renewal of the world

Theater Tanz Performance Musik Ausstellung Anderes Installation Artist Talk
In the organizer's words:
"HEKATOMBE III" combines video installation and live performance. In several video projections, indigenous leaders* from different countries and cultures of the so-called Americas enter into a synchronous dialogue with each other. Against this backdrop, the live performance unfolds as a collage of rituals and interviews based on connections and experiences from working with First Nations communities. This creates a web of relationships that expands into cartographies, dances and soundscapes.

"HEKATOMBE III" also reflects on the relationship between humans and Gaia: the idea of the Earth as a dynamic, self-organizing living being is found in the knowledge of indigenous communities but also in Greek mythology and in the Gaia hypothesis of contemporary science. Through the lens of ritual and with a focus on the great contribution that ancestral communities make to the protection of our planet's biodiversity, the performance documents millennia-old practices and messages and weaves connections between the visions, cultures, and wisdom of our ancestors. This content has been machine translated.

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16 Euro reduced, 12 Euro

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