Hügelmann, Copper Beach & DJ Edelescort @ Don Worri Concert Sessions in WP8

In the organizer's words:

Hügelmann is Jasper van den Hövel from Neuss. One half of the noise duo Sponsch and bassist with Neumatic Parlo. Active solo as Hügelmann and in a modernized version Berliner Schule on the debut cassette "Tiergarten" on Hauch Records, December 2021. Represented on the split 12" "Splitter #1" with the ambient song "Erdmolch".

Copper Beach is Mantas Kasperavicius from Düsseldorf, born in Kaunas (Lithuania) and raised in the Ruhr area. Musically, he was influenced early on by punk, hardcore and post-rock/metal. He is mainly interested in textures, sampling and sound alienation of all kinds, with the aim of creating intensity and atmosphere. Under the name Copper Beach, he will make his debut on the label with the album "Rio, Me Rio" in early December 2021 on cassette and digital. On the split 12" "Splitter #1" with the (Dub-) Techno tracks "Affengeist" and "Crystal Dub" represented.

DJ Edelescort is Paul-Christian Erntges from Düsseldorf, also owner of the label Hauch Records. He likes to play the deliberately chosen middle ground of club music and sound experimentation, serving various electronic styles.

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Price information:

Voluntary donation (5€ or more)


WP8 Künstlerverein Kölner Str. 73 40211 Düsseldorf

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