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auszüge eines gelbtonkatalogs von Tristan Marquardt

In the organizer's words:

Performative installation by Jan Geiger

The extended poem "excerpts from a yellow tone catalog" creates a performative and poetic space that allows visitors to approach the color yellow and Tristan Marquardt's poem through an atmospheric installation. It also creates a place to encounter contemporary poetry through theatrical means and experience its artistic expression in a new way.

►lemon yellow

brighter than lemons on the outside, darker than on the inside. comes closest to the back of a peeled peel. is bright without shining, garish without biting. whiter than corn and yellower than lemon ice. the mixture of asparagus white and potato yellow in neon. (Excerpt - © Tristan Marquardt)

The extended poem "excerpts from a yellow tone catalog" aims to add a sensual experience to the linguistic wit: "extended poem" is a term developed by Jan Geiger based on the concept of the "visual poem" by A. Giesche. The proximity is no coincidence: Giesche develops theater evenings with great sensitivity that visually charge themes and texts and interweave them with acting and stage technology to create a delicate visual poem. An "extended poem" attempts something similar, but should remain closer to the text: nothing is added linguistically. Theatrical means are used to extend what is linguistically explored, found and shown in the poem: extended.

Idea, stage, production, performance: Jan Geiger | Text: Tristan Marquardt | Light and sound: Lionel Dante Dzaack

Dates: Fri, 08.03. + Sat, 09.03. | 20:00
Venue: PATHOS theater
Tickets: 30€ support | 18€ normal | 12€ reduced | 5€ minimum price

Supported by PATHOS theater, Stipendium Junge Kunst and Neue Wege of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

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from €5.00

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PATHOS theater Dachauer Str. 110d 80636 München


Jan Geiger: Auszüge eines Gelbtonkatalogs von Tristan Marquardt
Jan Geiger: Auszüge eines Gelbtonkatalogs von Tristan Marquardt München

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