Jan Philipp Zymny – Quantenheilung durch Stand Up Comedy

PICK OF THE DAY Spoken word Comedy Poetry Slam Jan Philipp Zymny
In the organizer's words:

Quantum Healing through Stand Up Comedy

Are you stressed? Do you suffer from at least one or none of the following symptoms: mild malaise, general unhappiness, vague feeling of illness, spontaneous magnetism or acute laughing deficit? Then maybe your quanta are messed up. Visit "Quantum Healing through Stand Up Comedy" and be healed!

Jan Philipp Zymny has been practicing as an author and comedian for over 10 years. He completed his hypochondriac training with a top grade of 3+ and has a Master of Science in hypothetical physics. He is also in direct spiritual contact with the Archangel Potassium Permanganate.

"The best way to deal with the world's problems is to find solutions." - Jan Philipp Zymny, retail salesman

For a long time it was believed that laughter is the best medicine. Today we know the best medicine is quantum medicine. But Jan Philipp Zymny has the courage to ask, "Hey ... why not both?" In his new 100-minute comedy program, the Bochum-based artist presents an evening for everyone for whom ordinary comedy is too silly, philosophy too exhausting and reality too boring.

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Price information:

plus fees | AK 22€

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Alte Feuerwache Mannheim Brückenstraße 2 68167 Mannheim

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