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Jan-Philippe Kindler – Klassentreffen

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Support: Abdul Kader Chahin

Topic Jean-Philippe Kindler, he has a new solo program, you have to say something about it once: "Klassentreffen" springs from the stage genre of unrestrained vulgarity: It gets loud, it gets crude, it gets unforgiving. In Germany's media history, there has probably never before been a satirist who has been called a "rabble-rouser" by both the BILD newspaper and some on the left. Fortunately, both sides are right, because Jean-Philippe Kindler wants one thing above all: to divide. The satire of the German cabaret prize winner not only wants to point out social rifts, but to tear them open even further so that they can no longer be overlooked.

"Klassentreffen" is a homage to irreconcilability: whether in the WDR Broadcasting Council or in the rocked-out student flat-sharing community - Kindler's content lets the sparks fly so that the Karl Marx face tattoo just slips off your temple. And yet Kindler wants only one thing: to find common ground in division. In capitalism, there is a rumor that there is no longer such a thing as social classes: because if even large corporations advertise with diversity, then all people have the same chance - at least of being exploited. And yet it still exists, the good old class. The champagne Marxists. The Antifa-Atzins. The pensioners without pensions. The tender radicals, the apprentices and the students. Come to the class reunion, for a little detention against the existing.

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