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Abgesagt | Kalle Kubik: Cala La Notte

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After much acclaimed performances of the show "O Bella Italia", Kalle Kubik has worked out a new musical-literary evening with Giacomo di Benedetto and Marcus Schinkel.

Cala la notte: a ramble through the night, a journey into darkness that begins at dusk and ends at dawn. Similar in structure to "O Bella Italia" will include. Musical numbers by the Beatles, Sting, Falco, Elvis, Phil Collins, Ulrich Tukur, Marcus Schinkel, Friedrich Hollaender, Theo Mackeben, Peter Kreuder with texts by Mathias Claudius, Clemens von Brentano, Eichendorff, Shakespeare, Goethe, Hesse, Kästner, Tucholsky, Bachmann, Fassbinder, Kubik, Enzensberger and Robert Gernhardt in a context that the inclined audience will very quickly discover - if they do not already know this - that the night is not just for sleeping, that there are three kinds of twilight, that the twilight pint is in a certain way related to the twilight of the gods, that "Night & Day" is not just a coffee brand, that at night, in the open street, a pub landlord undresses, a night ghost pulls the covers off sleeping women, that there is a lot of unspent tenderness in hotel rooms, and that many, many things are only bearable, magical, poetic - simply most beautiful - at night.

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