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Kapa Tult

In the organizer's words:

To all who restlessly commute between semi-detached house and revolt: Hi. We are Kapa Tult. According to label bosses Johanna and Johanna, Kapa Tult are quasi "Die Ärzte", since they have a singing songwriter on guitar (Inga, blonde hair), a stand-up drummer (Angi, dark hair, dark sunglasses) and a grinning bass player (Paul, brown curls, nice). But: they also have a female keyboarder! (Robin) So they are at least numerically superior to the doctors. And while the Doctors have both a socially respected profession and a musical style, Kapa Tult rather have an ice cream on their style, namely a cactus ice cream. With colorful genre changes, tingling on the tongue and a clear edge, the four settle accounts with evil: School system, climate crisis, ideals of beauty and the mother who is waiting for you to finally have a serious love relationship. This makes them currently the funniest band for pop music Germany (next to, before or behind "Wenn einer lügt dann wir", that is still being discussed).

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Price information:

14€ plus fee.


Unter Deck Oberanger 26 80331 München


Konzertbüro Schoneberg
Konzertbüro Schoneberg Waldstr. 14 10551 Berlin

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