PHOTO: © Victoria Jungblut


In the organizer's words:

Society is on the brink. Have we irreversibly unbalanced the climate? How many steps can we take before movement becomes self-optimization? How loud do voices have to be before they spark a revolution? Tipping points are feared, but also longed for, since the collapse holds the promise of a new beginning. What can we, do we want to, must we endure, what must we stop? What is the fascination of limbo? At what point is there no turning back? With K/PPEN we show intimate and overall social tipping moments, leaving the audience room for associations and interpretations. In the sense of the fast pace of our society we play with floods and upheavals. Physically still in the hamster wheel of self-optimization, suddenly musically on deck of a cruise ship. How did we actually get to this point? Five performers dare a physical, linguistic and musical balancing act.

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18€ Regular12€ Reduced


Einstein Kultur Einsteinstraße 42 81675 München


Futur.X München

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