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20:00 I Concert I 💿 JAKI

Varinia Akua - disempowers boundaries through the fusion of Afro-diasporic music styles with her concert Afrolution.

On 29.05.2024 Varinia Akua will offer an empowering musical experience at JAKI.

In her decolonial and socially critical approach, she focuses on the exciting fusion of black music styles such as house, voguing / ballroom, singing and chanting with Afrofunk, Afrofusion, jazz and highlife.

For the artist, 'Afrolution' is more than just a collection of songs. "Each song tells a story, captures my love of dance or the struggle of black and/or queer people against racism and homophobia. They convey emotions in a way that I don't think words can," says Varinia Akua.

With Afrolution, the Cologne-based artist continues her quest for musical unification and shares her unique artistic vision with the world.

Varinia Akua has German and Ghanaian roots, wrote little song lyrics at a young age and began composing pieces at the age of 12, accompanied by classical piano lessons.

As a teenager, she became fascinated by producing beats and songs, later studying for a Master's degree in music at the Folkwang University of the Arts. Varinia Akua's voice is strong and soft at the same time, her singing is enriched by rap and chanting elements influenced by her time as a member of the first German voguing house.

Her songs express her love of dance. They are playful and cool at the same time and deal with autobiographical themes that are touching. Emotional highs and lows with a focus on empowerment and queer life realities and dreams.


Varinia Akua (vocals)

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JAKI Venloer Str. 40 50672 Köln

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