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Metropolink #10 / Skrt Cobain, Kid Kapri, Hanna Noir, Marnele, Savvy

In the organizer's words:

Skrt Cobain

With "schwarzer toyota", skrt cobain releases one of the catchy tunes of the year in collaboration with Ski Aggu and Mark Forster in February. After just two months, the song has almost 10 million streams and is on everyone's lips. And rightly so: with the sample "Love Sosa" by Chieff Keef from 2012, the song gets stuck in your head, while the well-known simplicity of skrt cobain in the atypical combination with pop singer Forster turns the single into a pop cultural statement. In addition to his songs, which tell of his lifestyle and thrive on relaxed wordplay, skrt cobain also impresses live with his anecdotes. The Nov11 signing cleverly uses social media on and off stage as a tool for his brand. For example, skrt cobain now has over 2.5 million likes on TikTok - and counting - and brings a refreshing lightness to every for-you page. From supporting Yung Hurn, to guest appearances with Joost Klein in the Netherlands, to his own solo shows: skrt cobain has now established himself as an act in the live industry. With his legalization anthem "Ott nach Bayern", he immediately delivered the next catchy tune..... We still think Elfbars are shit :)


Marnele burned the house down so much at "Unreleased Berlin" that you couldn't help but invite her! And that at her very first gig. Even on tape it sounds like we have a newcomer we'll be hearing a lot more of in the future! Power without end ... check! Lyrics full of lyricism ... check! Switch to French for a moment ... check! Metropolink Festival ... check! Don't miss it!

Kid Kapri

A rocket launch can be both a blessing and a curse, and so the now 22-year-old from Bremen set himself the task of gaining a permanent foothold in the local music scene. With his first EP "357", he laid the foundation for this project and crowned it with his first and sold-out tour. With his debut album at the beginning of the year and his second successful tour, he has definitely proven that he is here to stay.
From trap to ballads to pop songs, the Berliner has many faces and always remains himself. His house producer Florida Juicy, who has accompanied him from the very beginning and is no longer an unknown quantity in the scene, is also responsible for this diversity. We are looking forward to the early 20-year-old and are very excited about what is yet to come.

Hanna Noir

Hanna Noir mixes a good dose of drum'n'bass & UKG into the German rap underground scene. The 27-year-old's face is always covered by a white balaclava, and not without reason. The artist wants to let her music speak for itself and not - as is unfortunately so often the case in German rap - be reduced to her appearance. True to this motto, Hanna Noir's lyrics are not trivial, but political. Feminist allusions resonate in every track and are subtly integrated into the energetic pieces: "Don't tell me/ It's easy to be a woman/ Keys in your fist/ I'm going home alone" lyrics with a message on UK garage and drum'n'bass beats with plenty of autotune make for an unmistakable sound .... and what a sound it is! It's going to be a wreck!


Savvy is no longer a newcomer. With his latest album and successful tour in November 2022, he has proven that his musical vision goes beyond the boundaries of hip hop and is particularly visible live in a special way. With his vivid lyricism, the young Berlin artist creates access to emotions that range between hope and melancholy and become immediately tangible through his honest narrative style.

Dj Stage:

On our Dj Stage, Dj HTTPS & Friends. Https is at home in our Commissary with his Cyberspace Party and is no longer just a local hero. He now plays all over Germany and, together with $hoki for example, is tearing the nation's clubs apart.

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Metropolinks Commissary South Gettysburg Avenue 46 69124 Heidelberg

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