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Metropolink #10 ZEP / Master Peace / Leila / Barbicop / Rave3000

In the organizer's words:

ZEP 27.7.

ZEP is an artist you won't forget in a hurry. Even more striking than his appearance is his musical talent. Originally a drummer and DJ, the multi-talented artist plays bass guitar, keyboard, drums and adds unconventional items such as basketballs, garden hoses and adhesive tape, which he converts into instruments.
After his training at the conservatory, ZEP has developed into an absolute entertainer. On stage, he knows how to inspire the audience, and together with guests and audience participation, the Dutchman turns his shows into a whole new experience. ZEP is one of the most innovative artists of our time. With his millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, he has built up a large fan base consisting of more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and 160,000 fans on TikTok. ZEP's talent doesn't go unnoticed - even Fred Durst and Anthony Fontano can't stop commenting on his videos. If you're looking for an exceptional and competent artist, you definitely can't go past ZEP. We saw the show in London and have rarely danced home so excited!

Leila 27.7.

LEILA represents a new bicultural generation that is loud and assertive in public. In one year, she has achieved what others can only dream of. She recorded a song, just like that, and uploaded it to Spotify without any promotion - soon "Gun To My Head" will have two million streams. She played a support tour in front of thousands of people - and secretly stole the show from the main act. At her first festival appearances, the audience sounded like their own choir, singing along to each verse individually. There is something urgent and unmistakable in her voice. She writes the lyrics in English; as the daughter of bicultural parents, she grew up multilingual. She sings about the struggle and hope of a young generation in today's world, contradicts social norms and creates visibility as a young Bosnian-Swiss artist.

Master Peace 27.7.

Master Peace's debut album "How To Make A Master Peace" pushes the boundaries of the indie/alternative genre more than ever. The 11-track album is a collage of the music the British artist grew up with, including Arctic Monkeys, Friendly Fires and the Gorillaz. Long celebrated on the island as the new face of the British indie scene, he is a recent winner of the Rising Star award and his album was named "Hottest Record in the World" by BBC1, and he (naturally) sold out his first tour of the UK in support of his first album. Even more energetic live than on record.

Barbicop 27.7.

From the rusty remains of GarageBand demos created on a cell phone, Barbicop explores the bubblegum ocean of catchy dream and hyper-pop sounds made up of awkward drum beats, oversaturated sounds and autotune. Despite the limited musical instruments and tools at her disposal, Barbicop (aka Maddie Sandri) is constantly evolving her sound and approach to music production. Having grown up in the grungy punk scene of Berlin, Barbicop emerges from an influential and culturally vibrant environment, which she incorporates into her poppy and electronic sound. Themes such as the pain of adulthood, the beauty of emotional connections and the absurdity of the internet are developed and elaborated in the form of sweet but crazy melodies.

On the Dj Stage, Rave3000 takes over, we don't need to say much more here.

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