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by Alexander Eisenach

Fashion czar and fairytale king, bird of paradise and cult figure. Munich original and benefactor. In his lifetime, Rudolph Moshammer was given countless nicknames and titles. Everyone knew him as an eccentric with his dog Daisy on his arm, as a talk show guest and socialite. Like his role model, Bavaria's fairytale king Ludwig II, he loved the glamor, the opulence, the exuberance. With his appearances as an actor and advertising figure, as a singer in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest and with books such as "Mama and I", he became a cult figure and his fashion boutique "Carnaval de Venise" on Maximilianstrasse a cult address and pilgrimage site for Mosi fans.

"Based on Moshammer's biography, we trace the romantic spirit in the life and work of this dazzling personality. A life between the glittering limelight and the dark underworld, between celebrities and hustlers. is also a story about growing up in German society. Moshammer's father falls on hard times during the economic miracle of the old Federal Republic - unemployment, alcoholism and finally homelessness. Rudolph and his mother flee from his father's violence. The son tries to heal the wound through his commitment to the homeless. He, who is in the limelight, gives them visibility. His tragic death leads to the murderous abysses of a glossy world and to the dark side of a life in the spotlight. It shows the hardship and loneliness of Moshammer, who never spoke publicly about his homosexuality, who was completely absorbed in his self-presentation and ultimately lost himself in it because he always had to hide a part of himself. is an evening between revue and biopic, between fairy tale and thriller - a tribute to Rudolph Moshammer." Alexander Eisenach

Author and director Alexander Eisenach is a regular guest and, from the 2023/2024 season, also in-house director at the Residenztheater. He staged his adaptation of Goethe's "Götz von Berlichingen", his play "Der Schiffbruch der Fregatte Medusa" and "Einer gegen alle" by Oskar Maria Graf here.


Production Alexander Eisenach
Stage Daniel Wollenzin
Costumes Claudia Irro
Music Benedikt Brachtel, Sven Michelson
Lighting Verena Mayr
Video Oliver Rossol
Dramaturgy Ilja Mirsky

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10€ for students


Marstall Marstallplatz 4 80539 München