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Oedipus - after Sophocles in an adaptation by Felix Krakow - premiere on September 3, 2022 - Schauspielhaus, Kleines Haus
The myth of Oedipus tells of guilt, shame and power. Its title figure is considered the great tragic figure of antiquity and continues to have an impact as the epitome of human hubris into the modern age.
At its core, Sophocles' drama is a political thriller: the murderer of Laios, the former king of Thebes, is being sought. Only then can the city be freed from the plague, as prophesied by the Oracle of Delphi. The new king, Oedipus, does everything he can to solve the bloody deed, until it turns out that the seeker himself is the one being sought: unwittingly, he has slain Laios, his father, and later taken his own mother as his wife - thus plunging Thebes into the abyss. Within a day, the search for the truth leads to the dissolution of all certainties.
Felix Krakau's production revolves around the question of how heavy guilt and shame weigh, since every action has a political dimension when the continued existence of a community is endangered. How much can one suppress in order to preserve the status quo?
Director and writer Felix Krakau works regularly at D'haus. In 2019, he was awarded the Körber Studio Prize for Young Directors for "Peer Gynt," staged with Düsseldorf youth. He also directed "Jeff Koons," "O Fortuna! #1: You'll never walk alone" and "Reality Check - a conspiracy simulation". Felix Krakau has received numerous awards for his literary work, most recently residency grants from the Hessian Literature Council and at Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop. "Oedipus" will open the 2022/2023 season at the Kleines Haus.

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Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 1a 40211 Düsseldorf

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