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Building fence exhibition by Christian Sievers

January to May
daily: 10:00-16:00
during the performance days: Saturdays 19:00-22:00 and Sundays 17:00-20:00

Since October 2, 2023, the Orangery Theater has been in the first construction phase of its two-year renovation. The first construction phase focuses on the renovation and structural accessibility of the theater's glass greenhouses.
The construction site is surrounded by a construction fence.Construction fences are not known for their artistic orientation, so we wanted to change that andinvitedthe artist Christian Sievers.He is showing an 18-meter-long collage of drawings and photomontages on our site fence.

In his work, Christian Sievers deals with the changing relationship between artwork and audience against the backdrop of digitalization. His artistic work explores the extent to which concepts such as participation and agency need to be reassessed in the wake of these developments.

His works include Hop 3, a project in which 200 advertising pillars in public spaces were connected to a callable cell phone displayed in the exhibition space. This was used to contact a high-ranking NSA whistleblower. A call to the phone number on the poster demonstrably leads to immediate and permanent surveillance of one's own phone; a text explains why one should call anyway. Hop 3 is now part of the ZKM Karlsruhe collection.

With Parade, he continues his artistic research, the themes of which are: Hiding, evading the gaze, not wanting to see.
The work was printed on industrial construction site banner material. The figures depicted accompany the theater audience into the performance hall and out again. What we see are images from news sites, defendants in front of courts, hiding their faces from the press, from all of us.

More information about Hop3:
More information on the past and future of the Orangerie Theater: https: //

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