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Philipp Dittberner- DITT(Bär)NER

In the organizer's words:

German singer-songwriter Philipp Dittberner has announced his "Ditt(Bär)ner Tour 2024" with great anticipation. After a break due to the coronavirus, he will finally be back on stage live with his band and thrill his fans with rousing concerts.

With his music, the Berlin native has written songs that everyone knows and has won the hearts of millions of fans. But while his songs are firmly anchored in people's minds, few knew the name and face behind the hits. This changed with his successful TikTok campaign. With 31 million views on Instagram (follower growth of 90%) and TikTok, the campaign reached an audience of millions. Engagement on the platforms increased by around 300%.

The idea behind the campaign was simple and ingenious at the same time: Philipp Dittberner played his songs such as "Wolke 4" (quadruple gold), "Das ist dein Leben" and "In deiner kleinen Welt" (also gold) on the street in front of strangers and asked them if they knew the songwriter. Almost everyone knew the songs, but the surprise was great when he then revealed that he was the artist behind these hits. The videos are still going viral today. The reach is both impressive and sustainable, as his steadily growing, loyal fan base shows.

.... The success and enthusiasm he has experienced on the road now encourages him to bring his music live to the clubs with his band.

The upcoming tour is called the "DITT(Bär)NER" tour and brings his hits from the street back to the stage. The tour title picks up on the artist's self-irony and composure. The fact that people misspell his name or don't know it directly has long since become a running joke between him and his community, who love his authentic appearance.

Fans can also look forward to a new album, which will be released in early 2024. More singles will be released until then. The next single is already in the starting blocks "Nur beste Freunde". A pop ballad that the singer will release together with Kati K on June 23.

The "DITT(Bär))NER" tour in May 2024 promises an unforgettable live experience with Philipp Dittberner, his hits and a new album.

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