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Spoken word Workshop Fortbildung Theaterpädagogik Junges FFT
In the organizer's words:

On regular dates, the FFT invites educators to explore various focal points in the field of theater work in schools - from the basics of theater pedagogy to performative working methods and specific aesthetics. The training is open to interested teachers from all types of schools and working contexts. The focus is on one topic per unit, in which the exchange and testing of practical play exercises are in the foreground. The training sessions are intended to generate artistic impulses for practical work with one's own group and to broaden one's methodological horizons. Guests, artists working at the FFT, are also involved in selected units. In addition, there are always special offers for a more intensive deepening of a topic.

Tue 22.8.23, Preparation and follow-up of performance visits at the FFT

How can I prepare my students for a theater performance at the FFT? How can I sensitize them to performative ways of working? In this workshop, we want to try out together how we can approach an unfamiliar piece with the students in terms of content and aesthetics and thereby distance ourselves from the concept of "understanding".

Thu 21.9.23, Ensemble Building: Recognizing and Regulating Group Dynamic Processes

Successful ensemble building is an important basis for the joint staging process of a theater group. We will enter into small play situations together in order to constructively shape the dynamics of a group and reflect on our own leadership style. Short theoretical inputs, e.g. on theme-centered interaction, support this process.

Leader: Simone Hoberg

Tue 24.10.23, Aesthetic Research

In this training we want to look at methods and procedures of aesthetic research and try out practically how we can use these artistic impulses for the research work with our target groups.

Tue 21.11.23, Scenic work with material

We put material in the center of this training and take it as a starting point for performative work processes. In practical play exercises we will try out together how we can use material as a scenic element and introduce our target groups to this work.

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