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The response to the announcement of Smash Into Pieces' German tour was so great that the Swedish rock band is extending the November/December 2023 concert series with two more dates in Oberhausen (Nov. 2) and Magdeburg (Nov. 4). Tickets are now available in advance.Their live shows are legendary and spectacular, or as a British daily newspaper put it after one of the last concerts in London: "Seeing the band live is like a digital cyber-circus. After a total of seven albums and a combined total of over half a billion streams and clicks, Smash Into Pieces can no longer be called newcomers by any stretch of the imagination. The Swedish rock band is now one of the most successful Scandinavian alternative rock bands of our time and was not celebrated across Europe for nothing as special guest of the Worlds Collide tour by Evanescence and Within Temptation in 2022. And this is not least due to the spectacular live shows, which comes across like an electric circus in which a rock concert takes place. You simply have to see it with your own eyes to believe how entertaining Smash Into Pieces are on stage. Over the years they have incorporated electronic influences into their music, moving further away from the original Scandinavian rock. They now fall more into the category of stadium-filling electro-pop/alternative rock crossover bands like Imagine Dragons or Thirty Seconds To Mars.The band was formed in 2009 when very different but unique characters first met:Benjamin "Banjo" Jennebo (guitar): This man is a force of nature when it comes to entertaining and setting the mood on stage; his winning, irresistible personality makes it easy for him to instantly connect with the audience. With a great passion for music, he is constantly all over the place creating new tunes and songs. He is also the one who gradually brought the individual members to the band.Per Bergquist (guitar): The mastermind of the band has a fetish for details. He is the driving force, the "engineer" who is always looking for new technical challenges and possibilities that make the live show even more spectacular. Per represents the rock element of Smash Into Pieces and never says no to a hard guitar sound. He is constantly trying to find meaning behind what he has just created; he sees the big picture and connects the individual neuralgic dots so that they make sense.Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye (vocals): The band's frontman is always there when it comes to resolving a conflict; he stands his ground calmly and without much pressure, no matter how tricky the situation may seem. He also focuses on himself, but without neglecting the others. He is the mediator, the diplomat of the band, who steers every heated discussion back to normal. With his unique voice he is an important element for the sound of the band, he just sounds like Smash Into Pieces! Besides, he has experienced so much that there is enough material for all kinds of lyrics.The Apocalypse DJ (e-drums, keyboards): The bandleader has dedicated his life to art. He prefers to let his actions do the talking, and there is little that can stop him once he sets his mind to something. With the skills of a superhero, he serves the band as a DJ and as a drummer. This makes him arguably the most mobile musician of his kind, drawing all eyes with his electric beats and stunts. He leads the band and inspires everyone involved with his extreme stage personality. - European Tour 2023 Support: CYAN KICKS Moved from Luxor. Tickets keep their validity.

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25,00 € plus fees


Essigfabrik Siegburger Straße 110 50679 Köln


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