Solidarität ohne Grenzen. Eine Brücke für Europa

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In the organizer's words:
While the general discourse on asylum policy in Germany and Europe is shifting ever further to the right and decisions such as the "yes" to the tightening of European asylum law (GEAS reform) are being sold to us as successes, we want to take a firm stand against this policy of isolation. Instead of keeping people on the run out of Europe by all means, we say: A bridge is needed - as a symbol of solidarity, as a place to come together and exchange ideas.

After our series of events on "Build Bridges not Walls" in November, we, Seebrücke Köln, Kabul Luftbrücke, Sea-Eye Köln and the motoki collective, are now entering the second round.

From 9 May to 9 June, the day of the European elections in Germany, we will be holding events with various organizations in different forms at Ebertplatz, motoki and other locations in Cologne for a Europe of solidarity without borders.

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Here you can find all dates (also on

09.05. @Ebertplatz: Opening with live music, DJs, performances, information stands, rally
10.05. @Yuca krakeleen gegen rechts - Soliparty
14.05. @Filmhaus: Film screening Green Border on the situation of refugees at the Poland / Belarus border (Sommerblut "Eat the Borders")
15.05. @motoki: Migration Museum and panel discussion on the situation of refugees at the Polish/Belarusian border
19.05. @Ebertplatz:
Exhibition and lecture by ROSA e.V.
24.05. @ IGIS Gesamtschule: 1 - 6 p.m. Action day for pupils on the EU elections (Kölner Jugendring)
24.05. @Ebertplatz: 8 p.m. Premiere performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
25.05. @Ebertplatz: Performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
25.05. @Ebertplatz: Talk by Producing Sibylle and the Drugland Ensemble on the topic of homelessness
28.05. @Ebertplatz: 4 - 8 pm - play "Mediterranean Monologues", photo exhibition and input on the topic of sea rescue by SeaEye
29.05. @Odeon: Film screening of "Io Capitano" by Seebrücke
29.05. @Ebertplatz: Performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
30.05. @Ebertplatz: Performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
01.06. @Ebertplatz: Performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
02.06. @Ebertplatz: 3 pm Theatergruppe Ostbrise
02.06. @Ebertplatz: 8 pm Performance " Liquid" by WEHR51
03.06. @Ebertplatz: 18:30 Cirque on Edge: über_brücken
04.06. @Ebertplatz: Hummustopia Begegnungskonzept (Caritas/Erzbistum)
04.06. @Ebertplatz: 19:00 Panel discussion "Hummus for humane politics"
06.06. @Ebertplatz: 17 - 21 h "On the Move" Exhibition by the Cologne Donation Convoy, performance
07.06. @Ebertplatz: 17 - 21 h "On the Move" Exhibition by the Cologne Donation Convoy, artist talk
07.06. @Ebertplatz: Performance "Liquid" by WEHR51
08.06. @Ebertplatz: 17:00 - 21:00 Final rally with live Wahl-O-Mat, exhibition, information stands and music
09.06. EUROPAWAHL - go vote!

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