Spree vom Weizen - Poetry Slam & Stand Up Show

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In the organizer's words:

Spree vom Weizen is the cheekiest lout in Berlin's live literature scene. Poetry slam stars, stand-up comedians and musicians mingle in the techno club between fog and strobo. The cultural cocktail shaker is filled with sharp underground literature and juicy punchlines, dry high-tech sound and a dash of madness. Shake. Umbrella. Tasty.

This time's guests are the Berlin poetry slam champion herself, Her Excellency Lady Lisa Pauline Wagner and the music comedian, novelist and super Hessian Tilman Birr. Spree vom Weizen is the honest soliloquy in the club toilet, the greasy literature from the Grill of Life, the electric giggle of the moon. Or simply: very good lyrics and a bit of boom. Speaking of shaking: of course there's also an after-spree party in the hut, which you can stay for free if you dare! Oh, you green nine!

Residents: Ken Yamamoto ☼ der Schneekönig (Wolf Hogekamp) ☼ Julian Heun ☼
Guests: Lisa Pauline Wagner & Tilman Birr
DJ: Ernesto Linares

Admission 19:00 // Start 20:00 // Partially seated // Advance booking: Online tickets // Box office: If available, with EC card //

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Ritter Butzke Ritterstr. 24 10969 Berlin


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