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The Intersphere

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The Intersphere

Mannheim rock band goes on tour with new album in 2023! "Wanderer" will be released on May 26, 2023 and testifies to innovative sounds!
Dates in Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin! What is the best thing you can take from a crisis? New insights, courage to be more creative, breakthroughs that seemed impossible before? THE INTERSPHERE have experienced all that in the last three years and survived with it. And they can prove it. And THE INTERSPHERE don't have to prove anything to anyone, except maybe to themselves. With the second album "Hold On, Liberty!" the band made it into the German album charts for the first time in 2012. At the latest since the third album "Relations In The Unseen" in 2014, the band's collective love of experimentation goes far beyond exploring new guitar sounds. THE INTERSPHERE ventured closer to the extremes of their musical possibilities on "The Grand Delusion" 2018. Always combined with an immense self-confidence as songwriters and arrangers, always with impressive playing possibilities.

On their sixth studio album "Wanderer", which will be released on May 26, 2023, THE INTERSPHERE show with enormous variety how far the search for innovative sounds can carry even a band in the classic rock lineup. The German figurehead for modern rock music pursues the approach to electronic elements with bravura. Even the for many traumatic lockdown of the live industry THE INTERSPHERE have used remarkably creatively. Their fanbase, which has grown organically since 2009, and many new followers are now regularly provided with exclusive content and insights into the band's work in the digital Patreon community. And yet, none of this can replace what THE INTERSPHERE and their audience look forward to most after what feels like forever: New music and live shows.

THE INTERSPHERE 2023 stands for maximum musical curiosity and spirit of discovery, which could not better reflect the ambivalence of our time. Singer Christoph Hessler alternates in his lyrics between personal introspections and a socio-politically alert power of observation - the work of THE INTERSPHERE is also inconceivable without this perspective.

"The content of 'Bulletproof' deals with the constant availability that the communication media have brought with them and what that does to us as people.
and what that does to us as human beings. The lyrics are inspired by Hartmut Rosa's 'Unverfügbarkeit' (Unavailability), whose theses state that the true added value of human
human sensibility lies in the unpredictable and the power of creation and creativity in dwelling. Through the constant availability of everything, we deny ourselves the most beautiful things of human existence," Hessler says. In their border crossings to post rock, metal and pop, THE INTERSPHERE do not lock out the big hookline or dramatic harmonic arcs. Thus, the quartet remains internationally on par with acts like Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood and Thrice in every respect.

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