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In the organizer's words:

Wild, vibrant and colorful, but also mysterious, mystical and multi-layered, Colombia is all of these things. Realized in a graphic style that is bursting with color and spice and is considered unique in Latin America, this exhibition attempts to reflect exactly that. A veritable burst of ink and music straight from Cali, the "capital of heaven". Our beloved Injera, with its flair, tolerance and cosmopolitanism, could not be a more fitting place to experience this.

The exhibition shows a broad spectrum of lino prints and serigraphs by various artists. Works by internationally renowned artists harmonize with those of graphic designers, professors and up-and-coming artists from various genres. All works were printed on sustainable sugar cane paper without bleaching agents in an elaborate production process involving a great deal of manual work and printing skills. Historical printing machines from the years 1870 to 1900 were used.

Thematically, the works repeatedly revolve around the following main themes, which are indicative of the reality of Colombia and have therefore been reflected on artistically:

  • The newfound pride in African roots in a society that continues to struggle against problems of racism and discrimination.
  • Rebellion, resistance and protest as an expression of an active civil society.
  • The mysticism and secrets of Colombia.
  • Salsa, son and joie de vivre, which are of course an integral part of Colombian life culture.

A stencil graffiti, a wall painting, a photo series or poster campaigns on individual days illustrate the proximity of the works exhibited here to forms of street art.

¡Access to art for everyone - that's what Arte Popular Latino stands for!

We want to bring art closer to people by creating experiences, spaces and events in which art acts as a catalyst for thought, conversation and exchange on global and local issues in our "one world".

In particular, we support artists and emblematic artisans from the Global South to continue their journey. We do this by promoting, exhibiting and selling their work in various contexts. The focus is always on experiencing art with all the senses, joint reflection and exchange between all those involved.

With this in mind, today's invitation to reflect is addressed to you - we look forward to exchanging ideas together.

Contact us for guided tours, advice and sales as well as special events with the artists (Insta: @artepopularlatino / WhatsApp: 0176/4290587). ¡Hasta Pronto!

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