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Finissage & Konzert: Eva Jeske // Etienne Nillesen @ Galerie Dietrich

In the organizer's words:

Cordial invitation to the finissage of "Resonanz Raum".

Sunday 03.03.2024

4 - 8 p.m.

Concert: 5 pm (approx. 20min.)

We have come up with something very special for the end of the exhibition.

After many requests for the production of the series "Membrane" and "Transitions", we decided to invite the musician Etienne Nillesen for a concert.

The works in these series are created by printing the snare drum heads used by Nillesen. The skins are of interest to Jeske on two levels: 1. visually and 2. aurally. Visually, because the drumheads were not struck (as is usually the case with drums), but rather stroked with horizontal movements. This results in shapes and patterns that are of great interest to Jeske.

Auditory, because these movements create sounds that trigger a fascination all of their own. Melodies and harmonies are created that ensure that the instrument can no longer be clearly assigned to a percussion instrument. Genre concepts are blown up and have to be redefined. The works from the "Membrane" and "Transitions" series cannot be clearly described as prints, graphics or paintings.

Etienne's exploration of the snare drum highlights the instrument's multiple tonal and temporal subtleties, employing extended durations that emphasizegradual variations in texture and overtone complexity. His music achieves remarkable sonic complexity despite its minimalist approach. Each meticulously crafted note and nuance demands undivided attention and concentration from both performer and listener, fostering a deep connection between the two. Listening becomes an integral part of the experience.

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Galerie Dietrich Geisselstr. 27 50823 Köln

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